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The species and grade of agallochums are qinan, inverted frame, water sink, earth sink, ant sink, live sink and white wood.
Agallochum is a kind of natural high-grade spice. There is no clear standard for its classification, and the definition of its species is very vague all over the world. There is no global unified standard at all.
To talk about the species of aloes, we need to talk about qinan, that is, qinan incense, "qinan" was originally translated from Sanskrit vocabulary, tang dynasty buddhist sutras often written as "dogara", and later "jilan", "ganan", "qinan" and other names.
The formation reason of qinangxiang is roughly the same as that of common aloes. You may refer to our previous article on the formation of aloes. On the other hand, there are many differences between qinan and ordinary aloes, so we make it a custom, let it alone into a category, and be regarded as the best aloes.
As for the characteristics of chinamba, firstly, the oil content of chinamba is generally higher than that of ordinary aloes, and its aroma is more sweet and full-bodied. Most common agallochums have no fragrance when they are not lit, while qinan has a cool and sweet smell when they are not lit. However, when they are smoked, the fragrance of common agallochums is very stable, while the head incense, the original incense and the tail incense of qinan have obvious changes. In addition, qinan incense is not as dense as ordinary aloes, and the first-class ordinary aloes sink into the water, but many of the first-class qinan is half sink and half float; In addition, most of the ordinary agallochums have a very hard texture, while qinan is relatively soft and has a sticky toughness. The shards of qinan can also be made into fragrant beads. Finally, under the microscope, it can be found that the oil glands in common agallochums are clustered together, while the oil glands of qinan are distinct indeed. As a result of above all sorts of reasons, so qi nan xiang appears very precious. As early as in the song dynasty, account for the city (now in Vietnam) chi nan is already "a wan jin". Until now, the best chinan is mostly made in Vietnam.
Next comes the level of aloes. We generally regard the most precious qinan first-class products of aloes as the highest grade, but qinan first-class products can not be used as raw materials of aloes bracelets, also said that qinan texture is very soft, so it is easy to deformation and damage, not suitable for processing materials as bracelets. Therefore, even if it is identified by the industry as a level of products of agallochum bracelet, it is impossible to use 100% of that kind of qinan a level of products. So the first class product of agallochum bracelet does not mean that agallochum is the first class product originally, but means that it is the best agallochum bracelet.
The second class of agallochum bracelet is tasted, this is the commonest on the market, even if be second class is tasted very precious also, rare also on the market.
Before we talk more about the level of aloes, we can talk about the types of aloes, namely, inverted frame, water sink, soil sink, ant sink, live sink, white wood. Actually these term is the earliest practitioners in Taiwan for the classification of medicinal aloes, just "in this world there is no road, walk of person many, it also is a way", after years of development, basic domestic aloes industry are mostly used for this kind of classification method, this method of classification is not scientific and authority, because the reasons for the formation of aloes tend to have some change, such as water sink, that dried up the water of the marsh, formation of aloes are water sink or soil sink? Having said that, it is necessary for us to understand this kind of classification method since it is so common in China.
1, inverted frame, can form aloes trees due to the age and related natural factors, after the fall, dozens of hundreds of years after the wind and rain, the remaining parts of the aloes formed by no rot, that is, inverted frame.
2. The water sinks, which is the most common saying we have come across in the market. The trees that can form aloes fall down and are buried in the swamp after experiencing biological decomposition and related chemical effects.
3, the earth sink, very simple, with the second relatively similar, the difference is buried in the earth.
4, ant sink, this is different from the previous several, it is a living tree by artificial cutting, after the land by termites eat, from the remaining parts of the formation.
5, live sink, live trees after cutting, directly from the tree to pick down.
6, white wood, for the age of ten years or less, has a little aroma, the age is very short. There are a lot of agarwood on the market now that is soaked in essence with white wood, very inferior quality.
From the above, we can see that the first to the third are all dead aloes, and the natural state can emit different fragrances. The fourth to sixth species of living aloes or living aloes are special in classification of ant sink. Later we will talk about them in a special article. These live aloes may emit fragrance only when they are lit. But now many merchants use these raw aloes to make fake products. The fragrance of inverted frame, water sink, soil sink, white wood, ant sink, live sink and so on are different. Generally speaking, the flavor of soil sink is thick alcohol, inverted frame clear alcohol, water sink warm alcohol, ant sink clear Yang, live sink high kang, white wood flavor.
The first kind of inverted shelf, generally considered to be the best aloes, is generally distributed in the first or second classification. It can be said that the inverted frame is screened by superior and inferior state, and the rest is the best part. So the agallochum bracelet with general upside down frame is not one class is two class.
The second kind of water sink, this kind of aloes is generally produced from marshes and distributed in a wide range of grades, from grade 1 to grade 2 to grade 3.
The third kind of soil subsidence, similar to water subsidence, is usually grade two and three.
Give you a list of aloes raw material prices, from our understanding and basic judgment.
Qinan grade 1:600,000-1 million/kg
(note: qinan refers to the first class, there is no such thing as qinan second class.)
Top grade: 200,000-250000 / kg
Secondary products: 30,000-50,000 / kg
Secondary grade: 15,000-40,000 / kg
Water sink grade three product: 10,000-20,000 / kg
Grade iii grade: 0.6 to 10 thousand/kg
Live aloes: 300 yuan -800 yuan/kg
Having said so much, I hope you will not be confused by this pile of academic terms. I am sure you will ask which is better, water sinking, earth sinking, ant sinking, upside down or alive sinking? We are not doing academic research, should not be caught in these fancy links, if I have to say, I can only say chinan > inverted > water sink > soil sink > ant sink > live sink.
But if someone say heavy water is best, but need to point out that different countries of origin of the water drowned, fat content and aroma is different, even on the same piece of water aloes material, because the grease content of head period and late even smell different, head period and late value difference particularly big, you can say water sink must than soil ant heavy, heavy and sink, live good? In fact, the real masters do not care about these, they just grasp the two points, namely the amount of fat and aroma.
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