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verybody knows the familiar name of aloes, but have you heard of the tiger ink aloes in aloes? Next please follow the Chinese medicine kang bo will make up the footsteps to understand this is not familiar with the "tiger ink aloes".
Tiger ink agarwood is actually an idiom, these four words are divided to understand the words, "tiger" refers to the tiger, "ink" refers to ink, "sink" refers to precipitation, "incense" refers to fragrance. The ink will give out a special fragrance within a certain period of time. It can also be used to describe that the older a man is, the more masculine he will be. And the description of agallochum means that the agallochum because of time precipitation, color like ink, fragrant smell. So what is aloes? Agarwood is wood and resin, used for fine work and incense. It is black and fragrant, its oil is condensed into blocks, and it can sink when put into water. Therefore, it is called "aloes", also known as "shen shui xiang", which is written as "shen xiang" in ancient Chinese. The "sink" of sandalwood musk deer is often said in ancient times. Shen xiangxiang taste elegant, and very rare, since ancient times has been listed as the first of all incense. Unlike sandalwood, agarwood is not a kind of wood, but a special kind of incense tree "produced", mixed with oil (resin) composition and wood composition of solid condensate. But this kind of fragrant tree's wood itself has no special fragrance, and the wood is relatively soft. According to research, several trees in the genus agallochum of ruiaceae, such as Malay agallochum, raccoon and Indian agallochum, can form agallochums.
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