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The agarwood is not ugly, it seems to be deadwood, but it is a species of the genus Rutaceae in Southeast Asia. After being subjected to the trauma of natural thunder and insects, the special oil secreted by the trees for self-repair is only caused by the injury or decay of the trees, similar to The "scar" of the tree presents the state of the wood-oil mixture.
Agarwood is the "self-cultivation" of trees. Generally, only a few years of fragrant trees can produce agarwood. From fragrant to mature, it may experience centuries of accumulation and brewing. As the saying goes, "Hundred Years of Hui'an, Millennium Chess", high The formation of agarwood such as "Chess Nan" often takes thousands of years.
The top product of Agarwood - Chess is soft and the scented tube is full of oil line
The aroma of nature is tens of thousands. Only Aquilaria is recognized as the fragrant king in people's minds: Aquilaria is the messenger who sends the gods and conveys the wishes. Buddhism, Islam, and Christianity all list the incense as a holy offering;
Agarwood, since ancient times, is a traditional Chinese medicine containing aura, compassion and salvation. It can be very beneficial to the lungs, kidneys, liver, stomach, intestines and heart. Agarwood is also the favorite of nobles and literati in the past, Huang Tingjian of the Song Dynasty. "Xiangzhide", mentions that Shenxiang can "feel the ghosts and spirits, cleanse the mind and body, can decontaminate, can feel sleep, quietly become friends, sneak in the dust, not too tired, too much for the sake, it is immortal, commonly used no barrier.
The traditional incense is like a fine wine, the environment is elegant, the utensils are exquisite, the process is complicated, the movements are exquisite, and there are blasphemy and lavender. Incense and tea cooking, paintings and flower arrangements are collectively referred to as literati four arts, which is an important part of literati life and socialization.
When the ancient method burned incense, in the quiet room, set a high incense, a few put on the incense, the ancient name "three bottles of the furnace", that is, a bottle with a spoon, a incense box, a small incense burner.
The simplest and most casual method of incense in the ancients was to smoke the incense powder, which was used to quiet the living room, gather the feng shui, and use a scent to suppress the model of the fragrant powder. In addition to the elegant and elegant scent, the ancient incense has the effect of fragrant timing. The fragrant kung fu, the time of a fragrant incense, chanting accompanied by reading, calligraphy, and so on, let time have a better memory.
Today's smoked incense powder has also followed the practices of the ancients. At present, there are many incense burners, incense sticks and incense sticks on the market. Just choose a flat-mouth incense burner, put the incense ash, use the gray pressure to flatten the fragrant powder, then put on the scent, use the delicate agarwood powder, you can enjoy a cigarette at home.
In ancient times, the giant Jia Shang Shang often used ornaments to decorate the incense and used agarwood as a jewelry to highlight the noble temperament and create a peaceful atmosphere during the talks. A variety of agarwood ornaments, such as aloes bracelets, carved pieces, usually astringent aroma, often worn on the body, elevated body temperature or plum rain weather, there will be a faint scent of fragrance, most of the time I have not felt, others I feel the benefits of "the fragrance comes when people come."
Due to the very consumables and the scarcity of the hand-slung bracelets, it is hopeless that some of the sinking pieces can be used.
Many medium-grade fragrant materials can also make people feel the change of fragrance at different temperatures. The key to choosing agarwood jewelry is to find the one that suits you.
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