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After the injury of the agarwood tree under the influence of external factors (lightning, typhoon, knife cutting, insect ant bee bite, etc.), the wound began to fester by microbacteria infection. In order to prevent the wound from continuing to fester, the agarwood tree was secreted during self-repair. The oil is contaminated by fungi, and the external hot and humid environment causes the wound to be corroded by the fungus. Under the action of the bacteria, the starch stored in the wood parenchyma cells undergoes a series of changes. After several decades or even hundreds of years of precipitation, a scented creamy agglomerate is formed around the wound mouth. The thing is agarwood.
The true and false of Aquilaria has always been the most concerned point of the fragrant friends, and it is also the point that many of the first-time fragrant friends want to know. Nowadays, the most common method of identification, one is to tell you the characteristics of true agarwood, and the other is to teach you how to identify fake agarwood. Both methods can solve the problem, but they are not comprehensive enough. In fact, the two methods should be combined so that they can be more effectively identified.
The formation process of agarwood, we have already said above. According to this formation process, we can simply see:
1. Agarwood is not a single agarwood oil, but a polymer of agarwood and oil;
Second, the agarwood has aroma;
Third, the agarwood has color.
However, these three points are only very abstract concepts. Just knowing these three points is not enough. What is important is the following details.
1. Because it is formed by the blending of wood and oil, even if the agarwood with higher oil content is not dark, you can see the texture of oil and wood blending.
2, the fragrance of agarwood is fresh and elegant, it is the first of all fragrances, but not all agarwood is a fragrance, the fragrance has a great relationship with the place of origin. The agarwood of each producing area has its own scent characteristics. In general, it is sweet, medicinal, floral, and cool. Although the patterns are varied and the shades are different, all the agarwood fragrances are not pungent.
3, the reason why the agarwood has aroma, it is because it contains agarwood oil, white wood without aroma is white, the color will be deepened after the fragrance, in general, if the color is submerged, the overall color Black and white places are very few.
The reasons for the formation of agarwood are: birth, ripening, shedding, and insect leakage. These names are familiar in the agarwood field and are used to explain the cause of agarwood. It is described in "Xiangcheng": cooked knot refers to the fragrant tree caused by accidental injury or its own disease, causing the resin to secrete and causing the aroma. After the incense, the agarwood has been shed from the mother agarwood for many years or even more than 100 years. After a few hundred years, the agarwood tree is dead and the remaining agarwood is the real ripe agarwood.
The knot is the artificial means of injuring the fragrant tree, and then secreting the scent of the resin. The age of the incense is very short, and it has not fallen off from the agarwood tree. It is aloes, and now a lot of planting is aloes.
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