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The decoration is divided into three categories: a class of so-called precious metals, such as gold and silver; a class of jade, such as jade bracelets, one type is wooden. There are three main functions: one is beautiful, beautiful; the second is faith; the third is good for health.
Health care function of jewelry
The gold and silver towns are calming the nerves, the jade nourishes the nourishing, and the fragrance of the agarwood is open. Whether it is jewelry, earrings, bracelets, when you choose, you can choose what kind of material according to the material of the jewelry, what age, what body, what season to wear.
Agarwood and sandalwood bracelets, all things that have a scent have a so-called volatilization effect, and the old people feel that agarwood and sandalwood have evil spirits. The evil here refers to toxic and harmful things, evil, not cows and ghosts. There are many prescriptions for Chinese medicine practitioners who are helping the righteousness and evil spirits. It is to help your righteousness (resistance and immunity) to remove the disease and go to the disease. For example, the wind, cold and damp heat are normal, but the disease is evil. Evil.
For example: a doctor's sister went to the African refugee camp for a clinic. The environment was dirty and stinking. I felt that I couldn't breathe. At that time, she lit it with aloes. It felt that it was particularly clear within ten meters. In fact, it was agarwood. The role of cockroaches.
Agarwood is a very good medicinal herb with aroma. There are several acupuncture points on your wrist. If you bring it, it is a slow stimulation to these acupuncture points, which is equivalent to indirect massage.
For example: There is an old gentleman who is also a doctor. He loves to play agarwood. One day he has a heart attack. He has no needles around him. He wants to use the needle to stimulate Neiguan acupuncture first aid. But when the hand is boring, the old man panicked and picked up the beads. After a hard time, after holding the acupuncture points, let the nanny play 120, wait for the ambulance to come, and the rescue doctor said that you have nothing to do now, whether you are going to the hospital or not. The old gentleman said that I would not go if I took some medicine. In fact, it is a point: Neiguan.
There are three acupuncture points on the labyrinth of the wrist (the side facing the inside): Taiyuan, Daling, and Shenmen.
Today's main talk: Shenmen points: Any calm insomnia, the heart is often troubled, no matter how often you massage this acupuncture point, the doctor should also tie this place when the needle is tied, when you are not quiet, the heart is chaotic, sleep When you feel good, you can massage this place.
Taiyuan Point: It is the acupoint of the lungs. Under the thumb and wrist, when you are tired and tired, you will press this acupuncture point. It is qi, and the human blood is enough to sleep naturally. Also have it. If we wear a bracelet, it will often stimulate these two acupuncture points when it is used as a jingle. There are three important acupuncture points on the back of the wrist (positive side): Yanggu, Yangchi, and Yangxi.
These three acupoints are all yang, yang deficiency, bad color, weak people, can balance yin and yang. Method: The wrist is turned low. First, it is turned from the inside to the outside. It is the yin, because your tendons are strong, you can also turn from the outside to the inside, and turn to the Yangjing. Therefore, it is recommended that you always turn around and do things all the time.
Medically speaking, the three meridians are the hands of the sun, the hand Yangming, and the hand Shaoyang are all clustered on the wrist, so it is crucial from the meridian or the acupoint.
In addition to the acupuncture points on the wrist, one of the traditional Chinese medicine treatments is medicine, and the other is external medicine. Chinese medicine treatment: There is a good way: smell.
"Changzhong 丞 notes" records: "snoke, or cold, or suffocating, with a little sputum to take advantage of it, then the evil spirits are evacuated, and the accumulation is also solved." There is also "Nan Yue Notes" contains: "drive the cold, rule Head glare, open nose, no trouble. Fireworks are the most high-quality." Doctors in the court of the Qing Dynasty often treat nasal diseases and plagues with the generation of snuff.
The role of agarwood in the Compendium of Materia Medica: It focuses on people with physical weakness, so it has phlegm, dampness, sedation, and kidney. That is to say, no matter how much tonic you use, you must use this kind of anti-proliferation to give the effect of this medicine to the most basic physical condition. Therefore, agarwood is more suitable for the more needless tonic, but it is afraid of him. Complement, we use agarwood, it is very safe.
In terms of treatment: Agarwood is often an elderly person, damp and heavy and weak, we have to give him a supplement and fear of supplementing, and wear some agarwood to use its agarwood flavor to make it pupate and steady, gradually Through this dark fragrance, other tonics can be evacuated.
Sandalwood is often used to treat heart disease, just like a slow heartbeat, stimulated with this strong fragrance, let it jump and get excited, so many old Chinese doctors are treating patients with heartbeat, he puts a little, except for In addition to qi and blood to calm the nerves, put a little sandalwood to play a role in embellishment, that is to say, this amount can not be too large, otherwise it will dissipate the blood, but hurt the blood.
Therefore, when sandalwood is used as a bracelet, it is a small bead. It cannot be made into a big bead. It is too uncomfortable for people who are too sweet. When the agarwood is used as a bracelet, there are big beads.
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