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Aloes, in China, are known as "diamonds in plants". The best aloes value can reach three times of gold, which is enough to see the rarity of real aloes. So, what is aloes? Is it wood?
Unlike sandalwood, agalloch is not exactly a kind of wood, nor is it the name of a tree. Sandalwood is directly from the wood core of sandalwood, is originally aromatic wood, in the normal growth of the aroma. And agallochum is not a kind of wood, but by the tree species of 4 big families, camphor family, olive family, big halberd family and daphrodiaceae because of injury, secreted oil "knot", mixed oil (resin) composition and solid aggregate of woodiness composition.
Aloes have long been loved by the world. It can be used not only for accessories, but also for perfume materials. Among the most expensive perfumes, there are countless aloes. Like the expensive perfumes produced in France, most of them are closely related to aloes, and although they contain little inside, they are indispensable and play an important role in stabilizing the fragrance.
The main producing areas of aloes include Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, guangdong, hainan, guangxi, fujian, yunnan and Hong Kong. Generally speaking, agallochums are classified according to their origin, aroma and oil content. The same agallochums grow in different producing areas, and their aroma usually varies greatly.
Large quantities of aloes produced in India, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and hainan are considered high grade. Aloes from Malaysia are generally considered of medium grade, while aloes from Indonesia and Papua New Guinea are considered of lower grade. Porridge think the most simple words can be summed up is "aloes" is "because of illness" before the oil into incense. If there is no illness, it will not produce oil into incense. No oil, it's just plain wood.
Why are aloes so expensive? Many friends who don't know Chen xiang will have such confusion at the beginning. Congee below simple with sweet friends discuss next.
Some people say aloes are expensive because of the hype, but this is not the case. Aloes has long been a very rare species. In ancient times, there was a saying that "one gram of aloes and one gold", and now "one gram of aloes and ten grams of gold". The main reasons for the high price of aloes are "slow and long time to produce aloes" and "fast demand and consumption".
A tree must be at least ten years old before it can produce aloes. It takes years to produce a small piece of aloes. Since ancient times, the planting and adoption of aloes is far from the speed of people's needs. Therefore, high prices are inevitable.
There is another reason, and it has to do with the use of aloes. Aloes are known to be used not only for hand strings and other accessories, but also for scents that are used for incense and as raw materials for high-end perfumes.
Perhaps you don't know, for example, as the main production area of aloes in Vietnam, the largest export flow of aloes is not bracelets and incense products of Confucian culture circle in southeast Asia, but Arab royalty. The main reason they buy agarwood is to refine the essential oil to make perfumes and aromauses, not to make beads.
An aloes can take decades to form, but as a consumable it can be used up in a matter of days, so its scarcity is self-evident.
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