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The aroma from the nose and mouth, through the lungs and blood, has a direct impact on both body and mind. Therefore, good fragrance should not only endanger the health, but also regulate the body and mind. This should be the basic principle for identifying the fragrance. It can be said that its aroma is a form, the aspect of "text"; its health is the aspect of content, "quality". Based on the health and the heart, and achieve a pleasant fragrance, it is the perfect combination of quality and beauty.
For the identification of fragrances, due to the wide variety, it is inconvenient to generalize, but the following aspects should be noted:
Raw materials, formula, process
Natural spices (including extracts of natural flavors) have much better health benefits than synthetic fragrances. Synthetic fragrance-based chemical products, the raw materials are taken from chemical materials containing carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and other elements such as coal chemical raw materials and petrochemical raw materials. Although the smell is aromatic, as a chemical preparation, there are different degrees of harm to health, and smoldering The fragrance of the class is especially noticeable.
Natural spices, on the other hand, are almost all medicinal plants, not only with aroma, but also with very rich nutrients. The precious fragrances are generally: "Shen Tan Long Yao", which refers to agarwood, sandalwood, ambergris, musk, headed by agarwood, and other turmeric, rose, etc.
Good fragrance is like a good medicine, both good materials and good formulas. Single-agent medicinal properties are often biased, so if the raw materials are of the same grade, their efficacy is often less than that of a variety of flavors. And between the two flavors, the quality is determined by the level of the fragrance.
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